Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Monday

(September 18-24) I love Menu Monday's! Yes! even my own Menu Monday! I love to cook. Even more, I love to cook for people who love to eat my food! And while technically, you, my reader are not eating at my table every night, I feel like I get to share my love for nurturing and feeding others. I hope you enjoy this week's menu and if any of you are trying any of the recipes ... will ya give me a shout? I'd love to hear what you cooked, what your family loved or even hated ... lemme know!

Brunch - cheesy scrambled eggs, potatoes o'brian, crumbled sausage, sauteed apples with oatmeal pancakes
(Thanks to my friend for sharing her bounty of farm fresh eggs with us! We really enjoyed the fresh treat! While this is not a 'quick' meal I don't mind taking the time for it for two reasons ... 1. the left over potatoes make a great base for an egg skillet later in the week for a quick breakfast or lunch and 2. I love big breakfasts! I love eating them so therefore I love cooking them!) 

Bacon Cheeseburger Roll Up with French Fries
(I modify the recipe sometimes by using a can of Campbell's condensed cheddar soup. It's less expensive than Velveeta and you get the same if not better consistency inside the sandwich. Also, I usually make two and the one I make for the kids has no bacon or onion in it. And about that bacon, don't fry it unless you really want to, precooked bacon - while more expensive a. doesn't make my house stink and b. really cuts down on prep time!)

SNACK one day after work I was freezing and put hot chocolate in my favorite coffee mug and added steaming hot coffee, topped with whip cream ... this made my whole day!

Football! tailgated with sandwiches and came home to warm up last week's potato soup!

Freezer Manacotti with bread sticks and Spinach Salad

Soccer! After ER's game I sucked it up and went to Little Cesears and walked out with 2 $5 pizzas. The kids loved it & my kitchen stayed clean!

fish fry, baked potatoes, corn bread & a KFC coleslaw!
(every summer Aaron fishes and packs our freezer with yummy fresh fillets! A little breading from the store and a pan with a little veg oil and these little fish-ies end up a delicatission on my dinner plate. Any frozen fresh fish will do really. We especially love perch. Also I made up 2 batches of corn bread for tomorrow's Chili)

Chili and the fixins ... tortillas, cheese, sour cream, corn bread and hot dogs for the kids
(sadly I put it all together in the pot, got sidetracked and burnt the crisp out of the chili. However, I scraped the pot clean (it took like an hour, ug!) and salvaged the remainder of the chili. My hubby, unaware of the chili crisis, asked later how I got such a nice smokey flavor to the chili! haha!)

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