Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Monday

Last week was Labor Day. It was also fair week. And Ebay's first football game. And Aaron had 2 home soccer games. He volunteered me to run the concession stand. We had words about that. Friday we finally took the kids out to the carnival. I literally did not cook for four nights in a row. That has never, ever, in the history of my parenting happened!

Good thing I have a menu for you this week. It's actually from August 8th. Trust me, I would have much rather eaten this. Instead we were heavy on the grilled cheese, PB&Js and bowls of cereal for dinner. That's ok, this week I got some great new recipes up my sleeve and I am looking forward to cooking! Enjoy Menu Monday ....

Grilled Hamburgers & Sweet Corn
(We always grill more burgers than we need. They make great leftovers for lunch and they freeze well)

Cornbread Sausage Pizza
(I got this out of a Family Fun magazine and it's a keeper!)

Crock Pot Roast, Boiled Potatoes & Carrots, Blueberry Cornbread Muffins, Ramen Salad
(save leftover roast for a future Beef Stroganoff)

Lasagna & Garlic Bread
(I literally buy a box of lasagna noodles & cook the recipe on back)

Macaroni & Cheese
(from the blue box! I don't love it but my kids do and I don't mind the leftover lasagna)

leftover Lasagna

Sunday Brunch
Buttermilk Pancakes & Sausage links
(I buy Armour brand links they are precooked (just eat n eat!) and very inexpensive comparably)

I only cook breakfast on Sundays. A big hearty breakfast can take me almost all day but the kids need more, of course! Sandwiches or leftovers for lunch and in the evening they always have I have a giant bowl of popcorn! Yum!)


  1. I can't wait to make the Cornbread "Prosage" Pizza. Haha! It looks delicious and I'm making it right now. :) I really look forward to your menus on Monday Steph, so helpful.

  2. Thanks Tana! I am glad you like Menu Monday! Let me know how the pizza turns out! luv ya!


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