Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Finances - Going Back to Go Forward

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Aaron had finally made a decision to go back to school.
After a year of supplementing his income with substitute teaching he found he really, really enjoyed spending time in the classroom.

In fact, back in the day, before attending Bible College he had thought about becoming a teacher.
After months of investigating,
and transcript requesting,
and immunization updating,
at almost 40 years of age he decided to take what he could from his first B.A. and put it toward an Illinois Certified Teaching Degree.

Turns out it was much more difficult than we originally thought.

Of course it was.

But the plan was made and the course was set. Three years at state university should get him all he needs to be a teacher. (Incidentally our oldest daughter only has two years left in high school before she heads off to college.)

Dear Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into?

With the full understanding that this was going to be a substantial financial hit, we proceeded with the plan agreeing as a family we would all do our part to get by. After all, we're a team. When one of us needs help and support we all pitch in.

Except the first week his classes began, the phone rang off the hook with job offers. The substitute teacher pool must be incredibly low this year as I daily take calls from local secretaries who sound desperate for a substitute teacher. Each time I tell them to remove Aaron from their call list I get this little
cinch in my side.

Did we make the right decision? Should we have put off earning our maximum earning potential in three years in order to make meager-ends meet now?


All I know is that we made a plan and we're sticking to it.
I remind myself of that every time the phone rings with a sub opportunity!
Like it is right now .....

What about you? Have you had to make a tough financial decision? How did you know you made the right one? 

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