Friday, September 30, 2011

Finance Friday

Finance Friday time.
I have a hunch I lost out on an opportunity because of these entries.
I can't prove it ... and I could be wrong ... but I'm still struggling with the emotions that come when you discover you're being judged solely on what you've written.

And that's a writer's ever-ongoing-forever challenge.
Do we write for ourselves or do we write for our audiences?

When I write, I pretend that no one is listening. I write for myself.
That might be hard for you to believe but since there's only 11 of you who regularly follow this blog ... well, I can just close my eyes when I'm at the computer and type away as if there's nobody on the other side of these words. That's how I get my words to come out.

Maybe I'm naive. But that's how I write. That's why I'll get personal. And bossy. And write with more grammatical errors than my 6th grade son.

My hubs has been very graceful when it comes to Finance Friday. Because while I'm telling our story, I'm really only able to tell our story as I see it - from my side of the experience. He might have a different attitude about the checkbook and the bills and the food in the pantry. In fact, I'm sure he does.
But he is a great man because he's allowed me, without any complaint or judgement to write our story as I see it. He's a great man.

I recently came across this tweet by Jeff Goins

Do you know what your standard of living is? Have you gotten to the place where you've sat back in your recliner and thought to yourself, "You know self, I think we really have enough stuff" ? I doubt it. It's practically anti-American if you do think that way.

We complain we need better jobs so we can make more money so we can buy more stuff to put in the closets that are already full of all our stuff.

If the recession in our country has done any good thing it's started a grassroots, anti-consumerism movement. I've read The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno and enjoy the website

These reads are good for me because while I'm quick on my bad days to complain about what we don't have there are two sides to every coin:
I don't have to kill myself to work.
I've no bills hanging over my head.
Foreclosure is not a concern of ours.
Repossession is never an idea I worry about.
Debt is practically eliminated from our life.

I don't shop for more stuff.
If I want something I save for it.

I don't have the latest phone but guess what? Mine works fine. It's the marketing company geniuses who want me to believe I'm not cool unless I have their iTouch magic.
Yeah, well guess what? I already know I'm not cool with or without their phone.
And yet, they put their commercials on my t.v. that trick me into believing what I have in my hand isn't good enough.
Even though it works.
And it's cheaper.
They tempt me, sure enough. I think about buying a cooler phone. I lust for it on occasion. But then when I hold my cell phone bill in my hand I remember my phone works fine and it is a lot cheaper than what they are selling me.

I'm not against cell phones. I have one.
I'm not against shopping. I do it.
I'm not against owning stuff. I'm a collector of Miche Bags.

What I am is happy. Happy to remember that surrounding myself with more stuff is not the origin of my self satisfaction. I'm happy because I'm learning to be satisfied with what I have instead of allowing the glossy photo spreads in the magazines to dictate what I need and how much I should own and how it makes me look when I carry their product.

So this Finance Friday is dedicated to the belief that more isn't always better
the practice of looking at my life and knowing I am the sum of my life, not all the stuff I accumulate.

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