Friday, September 23, 2011

Finance Friday

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It's another Friday ... Finance Friday on my blog! Thanks to all the readers out there. I've gotten feedback that indicates this Friday topic is really hitting home with some of you. That means a lot because it's a very personal issue (of course, right?)!

Well today is going to be a little more light hearted ... everything doesn't need to be so heavy all the time, eh?

Some coworkers of mine are also going through Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. I mentioned in last week's blog that our family went through that a few years ago. While it was a very challenging time, in hindsight it was completely worth the struggle to learn to live within our means. We've so much more peace of mind these days knowing that we've worked to eliminate the debt that hung over our heads. I always encourage others to consider Financial Peace University if you desire to radically change your budget.

Anyway, my coworker shared this link from Dave Ramsey and I found it very funny. Why? Because almost all these things have happened to me! Enjoy and happy Friday to each one of you!


Dave's Facebook fans shared some obvious signs that you might be on a budget – so many, in fact, that we didn’t have room to note all of the best ones here! Check out some of the hilarious responses, and see how many you can relate with.

Kristen: Your four-year-old asks, "Mommy do we have a coupon for this?" about any item she wants to buy in the grocery store!

Stephen: When you're reading this in your father-in-law’s driveway because you have to glom off of his wi-fi.

Leslie: When you use a coupon for a free hamburger from Mc Donald's and then come home and put your own piece of cheese on it!

Carrie: When you find yourself saying "Dave would not want me to buy that!" and then walk away.

Travis: Your kids are constantly ticked off at Dave Ramsey!

Kirsten: School supplies become birthday presents.

Jeff: You have all the local supermarket ads spread out on the kitchen table, and you begin to strategize your coupons like you're about to invade Normandy.

Micki: You get one leg waxed at a time.

Natalie: You ask yourself, How many shifts will I have to work to pay for this?

Jondelyn: You search on the internet for recipes with ingredients in your pantry.

Jay: Everyone around you thinks you are crazy.

Michelle: When, you're shopping with the kids, the three-year-old asks for something and the seven-year-old tells him, "It's not in the budget."

Will: When you notice George Washington squint at the sunlight when you pull a dollar out of your wallet.

Ashlee: When your five-year-old asks, "What is a mall?"

Sarah: Your kids get $5 in a card and you're jealous.

Gary: When you don't go out and spend money on Friday night, but instead stay in and list stuff to sell on eBay.

Lisa: The liquid soap in your bathroom is milk 'n' honey-orange-vanilla-coconut-cherry-watermelon-apple-lemon scented, because you just can't bear to throw that little bit in the bottom of the bottle away.

Lorien: When your five-year-old makes her own coupons to play store with!

Kelly: When you really "get" all the posts on this thread and have laughed out loud several times reading them!

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