Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feelin the Love

I believe it's never too late for 2 things in life:

Today I give my heartfelt thanks.
I am blessed beyond English words could ever express.
I've been overwhelmed in the most amazing ways in the last 2 weeks and my heart is heavy with gratitude. That is what I write about today. I've spent some time reflecting this afternoon about all the good things that have come my way and I am brought to tears at the kindness that exists in this world.

One of the toughest things I have ever done was starting this blog and then choosing to be honest on it. Because of that many of you have had a front seat for both the glorious and tumultuous sides of life in my Tribe.

And I discovered you loved me anyway.

The following thank you is not intended to be vague or to cause you to wonder, I'm withholding names because I treasure what you've done so much that just mentioning it in 'public' seems to lesson it's value. And yet my heart overflows - how could I not show the world that
the little things do count.
When I add up all the little gestures of kindness I've received these last few weeks I am overwhelmed for in that revelation I find I am a very rich woman.

This is my offering...

Thank You, KC for your timeliness it meant the world to our hearts.
Thank you TB for the trims.
Thank You AW because you asked we $aved. My kids hugged me because of that night.
Thank You KC because you are always so generous.
Thank You JR because we've eaten off your bounty.
Thank You MH because I love hand-me-downs.
Thank You GY, JB, DS & JH for your generosity. It will change H's life.
Thank You LJ I know you love my family and that makes me love you.
Thank You SM & KN your kind words give me bravery.
Thank You KP for sharing out of your vanity.
Thank You MT for believing I write 'good enough'.
Thank You KG not because you have to because you want to.
Thank you JR you're the most faithful of them all.
Thank you LH for making it possible.
Thank you DD & KC for your kind words.
Thank you LR for that hug today ... man, it felt like love.
Thank you BC for thinking of me.

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