Thursday, August 11, 2011

That's my Name

Mom! MOM! Moooooommmmmm! Mum! Mummy! We have a divide and conquer mentality in our family. If we can avoid taking all of us everywhere at the same time - we do! Does it take 7 people to go to the grocery store? No! Should all of us pay the water bill? No! With the exception of church and the pool rarely do we all travel together. However, in the rare occasion that we are all out in public I have the annoying habit of turning my head to every child (mine or otherwise) who yells for their mother. We're at the park and I hear mom - I turn! We're attending a sporting event - "mom!" - I turn! Everywhere I go, when all my kids are with me, I subconsciously answer every child's call for Mom. This is highly annoying. Within an hour I feel schizophrenic and completely overstimulated! And then any fun we were going to have gets lost in my crabbiness! Does this happen to you? Or is it because I have so many voices to keep track of?

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