Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Mommy Date
I had a great morning.
Even though I was running late and had no time for a shower.
Even though I wore the mommy-ponytail hairstyle.
Even though the toilet was viciously clogged and I had to ... ahem ... use my hand to unplug it.

I had made a MommyDate.
Mother-of-2 and I bumped into each other last week at the library (boy! did I enjoy being the substitute storyteller) and she invited me to meet her again. I think her words were "Will you be my new best friend?"

It seemed she needed someone to talk to!
Ya, think?

In between interruptions and kids and thrown library books we connected.

"How do you stay so upbeat?"
"I just get so angry!"
"I'm on from the moment I wake!"
"I find myself arguing with a two year old"
"Somethings you don't know by instinct, ya know?"

People need people.
And I don't mean that in a cliche way.
I mean we really, seriously need interaction with each other.
Moms need other moms to say, "I know how you feel"
and women need other women to ask "Who has the best childcare?"
and I need a friend to admit, "Sometimes I feel lonely".

Mommy-of-2 didn't need any answers from me, only a listening ear and a dose of encouragement.

Who can you listen to today?

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