Monday, September 5, 2011

Menu Monday

for the week of August 29  Our life is super busy right now. There is always a certain level of chaos activity when you throw, er ... knit, 7 lives together but as it is every fall we are coming.... and going... and we meet ourself coming and going again.

Aaron coaches M-R varisty soccer ... they practice or have a game every night
Halee babysits, has drama practice and college prep level homework
Ethan has football practice every night and homework ... it's all we can do to keep him Math-motivated
Eric has soccer 2 nights a week
and the Twins? well, they pretty much get dragged around everywhere.

Bless their hearts.

So all that to say is this week's menu is heavy in the front and light in the back - that means the first 3 recipes each leave my family with significant leftovers that we can munch on later in the week!

Freezer Enchiladas (love this recipe because I make one and freeze one for another day)
Cheesy Mexican Rice
Chips n Salsa
Fried Cinnamon Strips (since I had the time)

Pasta with White Sauce
Garlic Bread
Steamed Broccoli
Parmesan Crusted Tomatoes (because my friend with a garden was very generous with her red Romas. But let's be honest, the tomatoes are for me and the hubby, the kids don't touch em & I don't make em) p.s. this photo was taken on Halee's 1998 homemade Cinderella plate...cuz I'm sophisticated like that!

Tuesday, after cleaning up dinner, I took out a bag of frozen, boneless chicken breast and defrosted it in fridge. Wednesday morning I opened it, dumped in half a bottle of generic (cuz I'm cheap like that) Italian dressing. Put it back in the fridge and let it marinate. (make sure you put the bag in a large bowl or something as it tends to drip -- ew!)

Parmesan Chicken
Rice Mix - whatever's in the pantry we happened to have chicken n mushroom
Green Beans (love summertime & friends with gardens)

our first home soccer game! I'm working concession stand so the Sikorski Tribe is eating PB&Js or hot dogs out of the stand.

Hubby will be away at soccer tournament, I have to work till 5 and pick up the kids and head out of town! No new dinner tonight ... insert leftovers! Yum!

Everyday after school this week we had apples, grapes, bananas and Popsicles on hand. Also I made this Bugle's just handy to have stuff the kids can munch on at various "Mooooooom! I'mmmmm starrrrrrrrving!!" moments :)

Special: for lunch I used leftover chicken and put it in a box of Cesar Suddenly Salad (mix 1/4 c mayo w 1/4 c milk & seasoning packet. add chicken tomato and cucumber)

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken (I don't know how Bdubs makes their wings but my Buffalo chicken is nothing more than fried chicken dunked in buffalo sauce. I stock up on this fantastic sauce when Sav-A-Lot has it in stock. I oven fry chicken breasts or wings or tenders (whatever is on hand) and smother it! It is soo good)
Onion Rings
Twice Baked Potatoes

my Fav! burger seasoning

Scrambled eggs & sausage links
Monkey Bread
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies

Hamburgers on the grill Potato Salad
chips n dip n salsa from the garden

Also because I was in the mood I made a soccer cake! Did you know that a Pyrex bowl can be used as a cake pan? This is a generic cake mix. Generic icing. Some M&Ms I found in the pantry! The kids raved!

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