Monday, August 22, 2011

Introducing Menu Monday

I wish I knew when I was 18 years old how much I was going to enjoy cooking as an adult. I didn't even know how to cook until my sophomore year in high school when I took HomeEc. Sure I could put a frozen pizza in the oven, but I had no idea how to put a meal together, how to snap green beans or plan a menu.

Now many, many years later I'm the mother of 5 hungry, growing, picky eaters who need nutritious meals. Combine that fact with my love for cooking, list making and recipe collecting, I'll sheepishly admit I love creating menus and grocery lists and trying new recipes.

So henceforward Mondays are dedicated to Meal Planning. Every Mondays blog will be a list of our family's menu. Most meals are inexpensive to make but contain real food (thanks Jaime Oliver) and come together in a snap!

If you'd like a recipe let me know, I'll be happy to share because in posting my menus I secretly hope you'll be inspired to gather your family around the table and share healthy meals!

Enjoy Menu Monday!

Question: How does this fit in with your blog theme To Write a Better Story?
Well, I want my family, my kids and their kids to have memories of homecooked meals, warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade birthday cakes. I want my grandkids to tell their children about their Grandma's recipe box and I want to create a legacy of kitchen laced memories! 


  1. Looking forward to your menus... Always one of my favorite things to read!

  2. Thanks Stacia - no gourmet meals here! Just how I survive the dinner disaster!

  3. This sounds Great!

  4. Thanks Jennifer! Welcome to my blog!

  5. I love this so much Steph and I really appreciate your philosophy about food and family. This is going to help me out sooooo much. XOXOXO!


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