Monday, August 8, 2011

Joseph's Life

Here's a little devotional I wrote for a webinar I co-hosted today for EMERGE. I had the pleasure of sharing with women from the U.K., Czech Repubilc, Slovakia, Germany and the U.S.

EMERGE is a wonderful ministry. I've had the pleasure of speaking at the women's leadership development conferences. I've been able to be an encouragement to women living in Central Europe who are answering the call of purpose and destiny in their lives. For more information go to I must raise my own finances to participate in this ministry. I am a quarter of the way to my goal. If you would like to partner with me I'd be happy to help you give a tax-deductible donation. Your gift has the potential to change many lives across the continent of Europe.


Emerge Connection Devotion:
I have recently taken some time to reflect on the life of Joseph.
Joseph and the coat of many colors, Joseph.
Joseph who was thrown in a well, who was thrown into a jail, Joseph.
If you'd like to look at his story for yourself it begins in Genesis 37.

I just want to remind us of his life and because I think as leaders, emerging leaders in particular, we can glean a lot from this story.

Our lives, similar to Joseph, can start with a dream. He dreamed that his brothers would bow down to him. We dream about the difference we want to make
                                                             - the change we could bring
                                                                        - the good we could do

and when those dreams are God dreams it is so good and exciting!
But what's not good is the path that unfolded for Joseph after his dream and as you read through his story we learn that he was
  • rejected
  • abandoned
  • threatened
  • accused 
  • imprisoned

all things we hate and work very hard to avoid but if we can learn anything from Joseph's life is this:

God is fine with us experiencing difficulty - pain - or injustice.

We pray for God to deliver us from hardships but God uses our circumstances to display His glory.

Having the calling or gifting of leadership in your life does not exempt you from challenges and difficulty in life.

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that because we have a calling or purpose or even a mandate from God that all will go well.
It will not always go well.
And as frustrating as that can be it is no cause to abandon your God dream.
God gave Joseph the dream and God watched as Joseph was imprisioned.
So then, if we trust God has given us a dream, we need to understand, like Joseph, our path may not always be pretty.
We may experience difficulty great or small.
We need to trust in the dream giver regardless of our circumstances.
As you walk out these gifts of leadership in your life be mindful of each day.
Each moment that we are given in each day is driving us to our dream you must be aware of it because you will not always be able to see it.

Surely Joseph could not have known that when he was sitting in the bottom of a well, left to starve and die that he would be just the person God used to distribute Pharoh's wealth in a time of famine. Joseph was able to save many many suffering people from starving to death. Quite possibly because he had suffered himself.

Joseph could not have known when he was thrown into a well there was a bigger picture but with God there is always a bigger picture

Allow today, tomorrow, next week ... your life be a part of God's bigger picture. Whether or not you have great leadership oriented responsibility today or not God's purpose is the same as in the story of Joseph He wants to save many lives. He wants you to partner with him in that.

So in closing, may you Hold tight to your God sized dream, may you live each day believing regardless of the circumstances that God has a bigger picture in mind.


some of my favorite moments from past EMERGE conferences:







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