Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I blogged last spring about a scene from the television show Parenthood.
Lauren Graham plays Sarah Braverman who has written a play gathers all the bravery she can muster and is incredibly persistent in asking for her script to be read.
Her first play.
She's a nobody in the world of playwrights.
But she's told that her play is good and deserves attention.
So she asks for attention.
Even though initially she was swiftly brushed off.
She persisted.
She was persistent (and she wasn't even b!tch-ey about it).
She was kinda quite adorable.

Reminds me of Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and her speech at TED Women's Conference "Why we have too few woman leaders"

We must be people who raise our hand. Speak up for what we know. Ask questions. Use our voice for good. I am so inspired by these women who persisted. Who asked. Who raised their hands. I hope you have been too!

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