Friday, July 8, 2011

Story Elements - Scene

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Every story has a scene.
Scene is where the story takes place.
Some stories have many different scenes.
Some stories have a scene.
There cannot be a story without a scene.
It's true, have you every watched a movie and the screenplay happened nowhere? Of course not! A story has to happen somewhere!

The Bible, like any good book, has a great opening scene: the Garden of Paradise. It's where we learn that God created a human being who had the awesome privilege of being in direct relationship with God. The Garden is the setting (or scene) where we learn:
  • of God's love for His creation
  • about the purpose of man & woman
  • about the responsibility we have to the earth &
  • about the power of choice, trust and discipline

It's got all the elements of a really great story. Knowing and understanding this gives us the ability to believe that God not only understands the elements of story but that He's the actual author of story. Which means while you too are on this earth, you've been set into a scene of the story of the human race. You're a part of His story!

And you can't possibly be a part of His story and not have significance or meaning. I mean if God is the author of story and your life is a part of that story .... isn't that incredibly, well ... cool?

So if He authors story, and I believe He authors my story, then I must believe that where my story plays out is also significant.

But what if you don't like your scene? What if you're trying to escape your location?
Maybe you're lucky enough to enjoy where you are living out your story. Are you?

What do you do then? More on that tomorrow!

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