Saturday, July 9, 2011

Story Elements - Scene (pt 2)

So now that you understand the importance of scene in a story and in your life (if you don't review yesterday's blog entry) now what?

The way I see it most of us either:
a. like the scene just fine right where we are
b. wish the Big Director in the sky would yell "Cut!" and a big arm on a ? would slam down.

I bet most of us would go with b.
But it's just a hunch.
I used to wallow in that kind of thinking too:
  • if I only didn't live in this small town
  • if I only I had a different house
  • if only I had a different job
  • if only I had a different life
  • if only ...
  • if only ... 
  • if only ...
So here's what I recommend: if you need your scene to change...change it. We have the ability to write on our own story, you know. God may be the ultimate author but remember he gave us the power of choice and free will. We can choose to make a difference. We can choose to try a new thing. We can choose to move across country and get a fresh start. We can choose.

Some of us are just afraid to.
What if I get it wrong?
What if it wasn't God's will?
What if ....

What if it is His will? What if some changes require us to be actively involved in the process? Instead some of us get stuck staring up at the sky for change to happen as if it's miraculous. Sure miracles happen but your bush is on fire, your donkey talks to you or you're a virgin about to give birth to the Messiah, I'm pretty sure it's ok for you to make a choice and set a course for your future.

If you get it wrong .... or if you actually do make a bad decision ... well, if your heart is set towards your Maker will it have been a mistake? or will it be a part of your story that He uses to show you the power of redemption and mercy? (what's that? stay tuned, we'll get to that part of the story too!)

There's one more thing: some scenes you can't change. We need to recognize that. This is very important. Many of us spend time regretting things that while they may indeed be regrettable, aren't changeable.
You can't change the past.
You cannot.
You can't not marry that person, ungive birth, erase that experience off your resume, change who your parents were or who you were when you drank too much...

Changing the scene in your life doesn't require changing where you have's changing where you are going. If you need it.

I believe it's possible to learn to be content in the scene of life you are living now. I believe you can come to grips with all that's happened to bring you to this point and I believe you can have hope for the future story yet untold.

Because scene is important. If you don't like the scene being created in your story do something about it. Create a better one surrounded by the people you love, the people who love you. Because without a scene there is no story to be told.

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