Saturday, July 2, 2011

I have just gotten some of the best news of the year -to date!

This blog began almost a year ago because I made the conscious decision to pursue my dream of writing.

Questions I am regularly asked:
What do you want to write? (everything I know a lot about)
What will your book be about? (someday)

I'd like to think that this blog has been a bit of a training ground for me! A chance to practice my writing skills, place to work out my thoughts and hopefully pick up a few faithful readers along the way (for encouragement).

Today though, I took some time to go back through all the bloggers I follow and catch up on about a week's worth of stuff I wanted to read! That's when I came across this on Michael Hyatt's blog:

Backstage with Seth Godin from Michael Hyatt on Vimeo.

I'll save you the time of explaining who Seth Godin is (google him in your spare time) but let's just say he's pretty much a marketing genius.... and the bearer of my own personal Good News!

His advice to wanna-be writers like me, give away your first book. GIVE IT AWAY !?! Say what? The way of publishers and publishing companies is the way of dinosaurs. If you want to be a successful writer you write your first book, save it in a PDF and then email it to your 20 closest friends and loved ones. If they like it they'll forward it on to 20 people, if they don't you're probably not a good writer and you shouldn't pursue writing. If they do like it and those 400 people each forward it on to another 20 then that's 8,000 readers who got your book for free. Suddenly you've gone come out from obscurity and Godin says, the publishers will be lining up out your door for your next book!

How much relief does this give me? I'm so small. So rural! So...nobody with no connections. But if I can write well....and get it all down.....and email it to you....and you like it....then my dream (!!), my dream of making a difference with my words will come true!

The dog days are over my friends....I got some serious work to do!

What do you think? Is that a crazy notion? Should you give away your first baby? Lemme hear your thoughts: 


  1. Give it away girl! I only hope to be one of the original 20 as I know I will send it on! I already have sent several of your blog messages to friends and family that I know will benefit from your openess!

  2. That was my plan. Although, instead of just emailing it, I was hoping to self-publish to as an ebook as well.

    My plan was to share the link to the free book in relevant circles... and as the book starts "flying off the e-shelves" maybe someone will take notice.

  3. Well Luaren, you're the first to sign up! I'll take you up on your offer!
    Waiting, have you put your book together yet? Where are you in the process?

  4. Well, Waiting gave me a link to this blog, because she knows I'm a writer and thought this would be of interest to me.

    I have one issue with this plan. I love the idea, but...I can't do that to my Dragon Marked. Another book, though...maybe.

    Another way to do it, if you want to publish it online for free, is put it up on People go there to read a lot of in-progress books. I even have read a few people on there who got discovered and published their books after...but I also know a few who had their work plagiarized. So, it's a crap-shoot at best.

    I have written some books online for free, and I did get a lot of reviewers who said they would buy the book if I ever got it published, which I never did. But this plan looks like it would help, as well. Maybe doing both would work better than anything? Giving it to 20 people who you ask to pass it on, and putting it online for people to read (fictionpress does say that it is copyrighted by the new online laws). And as an ebook on for free.

    Well, thanks for the information. That is definitely some food for thought. I have been wanting to find blogs of fellow writers, but haven't so far. This is the first one. So, thank you Waiting!

  5. Hi Kyla! Glad to know you've discoverd my little blog! You pose some good questions. I certainly think one should proceed very, very wisely if they choose to go the ebook way. An awful lot of research should go into publishing no matter what road you take!

    Thanks Waiting for sharing this blog!


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