Friday, July 15, 2011


These lovely Begonias are the centerpiece on my kitchen table. I find myself here today reading through my Facebook newsfeed and getting caught up on two days worth of Twitter timeline. It's a new day today....Friday at that. I guess you could say it's not been one of my best weeks. I've certainly had better. There's a lot I've not done well in the last for days (you'll save me the pubic embarrassment and forgive me if I don't bullet point the low points, right?). Some weeks are like that aren't they? No matter how hard you try you just can't make a darn thing actually come together ... and since I'm a do-er ... doing all I can and getting no results really, really frustrates me. But this morning my coffee and these Begonias are my sanctuary. Instead of forcing an upbeat blog I submit this .... my real life, real confession and the one and only Begonia plant I've managed to keep alive! Well, there's something to be happy about, eh? TGIF!

What are you happy to have accomplished this week even if it's crazy big or ridiculously small?

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  1. Ahh. I understand completely what you mean. I'm glad I cleaned the house this week, even if it got messy again a few hours later. I'm glad I managed to handle the sudden upheaval of a new person living in my house. I'm glad I managed to get a billy goat home in the backseat of my car without anyone getting hurt.

    Lol. Your begonias are gorgeous, and you should be very proud of them. I hope next week goes better for you! Have a great day!


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