Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Favorite Kind of Compliment

I think it's no fun to look for compliments.
I would much rather have my husband spontaneously tell me I look good rather than me fish for a compliment. I want my principal to notice a job well done on her own, not because I subtly draw attention to myself. Unsolicited compliments mean the world to me.

That's why I was flying high last week at softball practice.
I help my twins YMCA softball team. Last week while on the field the local sports reporter was wandering around. He had stopped by to fish a story about our little girls getting some pointers from the college softball team who'd stopped by.
He complimented my work.
But even better than the unsolicited compliment he said "your column is the best thing we (our paper) has going for it right now!"
Ah..shucks you're just sayin' that!
"No" he insisted, "I mean it!"
Then maybe you can get me a little paycheck for that awesome FREE article I send you every week.
"If it were up to me" he said.

C'mon! ! !
I was flying high with those super kind words.
It gave me all the motivation I need to keep at it!
Maybe at some point someone somewhere will find my little article and help me get syndicated.
Now wouldn't that be grand?

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