Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting "out there" is time consuming!

When can I get to the point that I'm not sitting down at the table scrambling to get in one writing assignment for the day?
Flippin Don Miller says he wrote today's post a month ago (which btw may be one of my favorites yet!).
Ok, I get he IS a writer and I'm TRYING to be a writer while being a full time mommy, employee, wife, du-da, du-da, du-da...
but when can I get to the point that I am working ahead and not squeezing it in?!
and also
I'm super excited to be "out there" now, the blog posts to Facebook, I've also since joined twitter (thanks to Frank Viola's blog; Tips for Bloggers) but I am discovering one thing...
this requires me sticking my nose in my Blackberry and computer A LOT!
I know because darling hubby mentioned it last night while we were watching t.v. "together".
But to tweet you need followers...
to follow you need to find...
to find people you need to research....
to research you need to read...
to read requires time...

and then there's the issue of trying to drive traffic to your blog, Viola recommends you read the blogs of others and leave comments. The thought being if you contribute a quality statement it might catch a reader's eye which brings traffice to your site.
Well now I'm reading bloggers. And I'm commenting when I can but more than anything I just discovered how weak my blog looks.
So I was researching how to add widgets.
Which I don't even know if I really want a widget.

And then the same darling husband who encouraged me to get my face off my book (ha! get it facebook?!?) was quick to show me this morning how some bloggers blogs show up in a mobile format from Twitter but my blog shows up as a webpage - which is more difficult to read from a mobile device.
Well how the heck does one figure that out!?
in between cooking dinner, doing laundry and all the other stuff ?


well. every little bit counts
I worked 7 hours at school today but managed to price out my airline tickets to Portland next June
plunk out this blog
take tomorrow off. Gonna get up and write from a new coffee shop we just got in town. So come back tomorrow and look for (hopefully) some new, good material.

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