Friday, February 18, 2011

Dedicated to Crazy

Before I ever had one follower I decided I would write an essay on him or her. While I started this blog last fall, it was months before it was discovered (don't feel bad for me, that was of my own irrational doing). Today though, I have one lone follower and this entry is dedicated to her.

She happens to be a friend of mine. A very good friend of mine. And this is what I have to say about her:


She and those close to her call her crazy but it’s more of a term of endearment than an adjective.

She's not crazy, not hardly. What she is is amazing
and clever
and brave
and bold
and fun
and adorable.
She avoids the outdoors. She hates exercise and loves long island iced teas. I've never seen her try to be someone else. Ironically though, evebody wants to be like her. She is perfectly OK with being herself. I’ve never met anyone more comfortable in their own skin.

This is my friend.

The down side to being her friend (if there is one) is that I have to share her. Her energy is like a magnet and it's no exaggeration to say everybody wants to be her friend. And almost everyone who wants to be - is. Which is no problem for her, she has enough love for everyone; her high school girlfriends, college friends, sister friends, all get time with her. She thinks she is lucky to have been able to maintain so many close relationships but we are really the lucky ones.

And you should see her with her kids. The compassion and endearment she lavishes on her sons is creating boys -who will grow up to be men- who know how to receive and give affection. She often kisses their heads and engulfs them in hugs so hearty it makes me question whether I snuggle my own children enough.

She's really funny. Her timing is spot on and her antics are well, animated. If there is a party, she is in the middle of it. If there's no party she creates one. She makes friends out of enemies and has the charm to convert any stranger into a BFF. Her laugh is impressive. She laughs at me but it's more fun when she's laughing at herself. She knows she's funny and she often cracks herself up. Giggling, laughing and snorting - in that order. Which only makes her laugh some more. Which only makes me happier.

Laughter is medicine for the soul.

While I don't know what her life motto is, I fully suspect that faith is the foundation on which she's built her life. I've witnessed her conquer the challenges of life with grace and dignity. Not unlike any of us, her mountains have been really high and her valleys really low. Shame, embarrassment, fear and grief knock on the doors of all our lives. She simply refuses to entertain them. This might make her one of the strongest women I know.

Why she followed me I don't know. I'm just glad she did. Crazy is a blessing in my life. Without her I'd laugh less and my story would be incomplete. You've been one of my favorite chapters so far. You've inspired me. I could not be more thankful for you. Thank God in heaven that our journeys have intertwined.
Crazy, this blog is dedicated to you.
I love you.

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  1. To say I am humbled, emotional and down right crazy over this is an understatement. I love you dear friend from the depths of my heart. Here's to many, many more memories, blogs and laughter!

  2. I would rather laugh than cry. "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion" is a line from Steel Magnolia's that I love. I have found out that connectedness is a strength that I am grateful for. Together we can face anything. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful words. You have a gift friend!

  4. What an amazing post for an amazing person. Written with love and humor.

    I had the joy of working with Kara for a few years and still work with her sister, Kim, who is also crazy . . . in a good way . . . and one of my best friends in the world. Both girls are a gift from God. I feel so blessed.

    I can you snorting even now, Kara. Miss you!


    PS: When my Blogger avi shows up with this comment, don't judge me. *whispers* I may be a little crazy too...about a certain someone ;)

  5. thanks for the comment 17foreverlisa! (and the p.s. was helpful - I admit I was a initially a little concerned). Crazy is a cool chic! I'm glad you agree! enjoy my bolg!


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