Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chapter 4 big ideas
Exercise 3: Trying
The word essay comes for the French verb essayer which means to try. So Roorbach says that to write as essay is to try. Instead of labeling everything memoir or essay or piece or article say "try". Just to yourself. Just for now.

I love this so much! I made big steps this week towards my writing career. Aaron sent me an email highlighting 5 things every Blogger wanna be author does one of which was tweeting. I thought about tweeting a few months ago but I just couldn't get excited about managing one more on line account. But since I went public (and realizing the earth didn't fall out from under my feet when I did) it wasn't a big leap to join the tweeting world. So I did.
You can follow me if you want. I'm @steph_Sikorski
And my tweets will be mostly related to my journey To Write a Better Story.
I said all that to say this: when Aaron saw I took the email to heart he said he was proud of me for "doing it". It being writing. I replied "I'm trying".
And I mean it. When I'm 60 years old - whether I have a book in my hand or not - I will have tried. I will not have any regrets in regards to this! At 60 I may or may not have succeeded but I will know I will have tried.
I am trying.

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