Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best Valentines Day ever!

For weeks my darling husband warned me not to get my hopes up for Valentine's Day.
"I only spent $7.00 on your gift" he said.
And yet it was one of the best gifts ever.

You see, I borrowed Writing Life Stories from our local library MONTHS ago. I just keep renewing it and renewing it and renewing it. But Aaron bought it for me (thanks used Amazon books).

That was my Valentine's Day present.

Oh and a card that looked just like the ones he used to pick out for me when we were 'long-distance' dating back 20 years ago
in the card was an e-ticket. A ticket to Don Miller's Storyline Conference next June.
Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta tell you... he really hit it out of the park; a grandslam Valentine's Day present.

I can continue to work through Bill Roorbach's book - mark it up, write notes in the margins...whatever I want it's mine!
I can prepare to attend conference in Portland in June!
I wasn't even mad that Aaron told me he spent $7 and actually spent more.
He loves me.
He loves my dreams.
I love him!


  1. He loves me and he loves my dreams.....that is worth it all. Thanks for loving each other.

  2. anon - that was my favorite line too!


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